Saturday, July 5, 2008

Experimental Philosophy

I know you all want to help out with the world of experimental philosophy, so head on over and take an anonymous survey designed to probe your moral intuitions and beliefs. Unlike most studies of its type, this one is specifically recruiting philosophers and people with a background in moral psychology, so anyone should be able to participate. Enjoy!


Michael said...

There seemed to be an awful lot of one-sided answers. Of course the owners of the survey have disabled me from even seeing the questions now that I have taken it. But I mean things like "you feel"
a. same
b. worse
c. worser
d. really really bad.

Where are the choices if I feel good or better than usual? Its like they just figure everybody is going downhill only and wrote their questions to measure that. Even so i still answered as best I can.

Jon said...

Yeah, that bugged me too. I'm curious as to what they're getting at.