Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Contact Juggling

Contrary to popular belief (including mine, sometimes), I do have hobbies other than philosophy. One of them is contact juggling; if you're like me before I started doing it, though, you have no idea what that is, so here's a short routine I put together showing off a few simple isolations I've been working on lately. I think it looks pretty cool, but I'm always rather impressed with myself, so that might not be saying much.


mogis said...

nice, RA!

Stephen Dedalus said...

Hey, you haven't posted in a while, but I was a regular reader when you did post and enjoyed your blog.

Anyways, I was digging around in search of an old link I found through this blog, and I just stumbled upon this contact juggling post. I thought this was too cool too pass up a comment on. Your clip was nice, it had a very smooth illusion. I've come across contact juggling before through a somewhat similar hobby of my own, liquid/digits:


And because you're a philosopher, I was specifically wondering if you could pinpoint what is going on that makes the dance look trippy. I've got my own guess, but I'm wondering what your answer would be.