Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Look, Irony!

Shortly after finishing that last post about how awesome technology is, my laptop descended into its watery grave--that is, I spilled rum-laced Vitamin Water all over it. It is, needless to say, currently nonfunctional. I'm only at CTY for another few days (I'm posting this from Eripsa's laptop), but don't expect to see anything new until at least next week, when I will be gloriously reunited with my desktop. If anyone wants to contribute to the dirt-poor-philosophy-grad-student-laptop-repair-fund, feel free!


Michael said...

I'll actually be visiting an old friend in Lancaster this weekend. Please contact me if you would like to hook up for a few hours.

Mike mwengler@gmail.com

Jon said...

Hey Mike -

That would be awesome, but I'll be gone as of early Saturday morning. Onward and upward to NYC!

Anonymous said...

this is jon

Anonymous said...

Sup Jon, it's Gleb!

I've thought up a philosophy that says that everything is right, because things that are wrong do not exist.